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"Mildred Harris has the gift of parenting wisdom. Having raised 6 children, she has encountered almost any situation on every age level and this shows in her consulting. She is friendly, genuine and sincere in her expertise. Advice and direction Mildred has given has proven to be enlightening and produce a fruitful outcome. I can say that she has never disappointed. Her wisdom has changed our lives. My children have had a richer experience, and I have a more peaceful and confident outlook as a parent."

Tina Willis
Married Mother of Three

"Mildred’s parenting counsel was life changing. I was a new mom with a child that looked different and I was overwhelmed with the thoughts of how others would view my child. Her counsel that others would view my child the way that I viewed him changed my outlook and her advice has proven to be true. My child is truly amazing!! It's amazing how everywhere my child goes, everyone loves him for him. His self-confidence and self-esteem is based on what he knows as true about himself because of the foundation that we, his parents, laid for him. His different look only makes him unforgettable. I will forever remember her advice and be thankful for the change that it made on me to help me parent better."

Erica Brunson
Married Mother of Three

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